We saw him on hooves and in a wheelchair, covered with wool and bald, psychopath and sociopath, in love with an idealist and corrupt police officer. In the thriller “Split” he was completely split into 23 characters. Obviously, James McAvoy has a gift to change his face. And not only in the cinema.

Before the helmet he takes off a leather jacket. He has heavy boots. Jeans in holes. Casio watch for about $ 100. But above all this is the most open, cheerful look. We meet in the area where he lives, similar to the old English provincial town. My interlocutor squints blissfully, exposing his face to the rays, but I can’t resist and not to quarrel. But it turned out, sincere incontinence is the best way to position this man to yourself.

Psychologies: You once said that the main disadvantage of your appearance is the freckles. And they are so useful for them the sun!

James Makeva: Yes, in the sun they multiply, I am in the know. But it was the answer to the stupid question of the glamorous magazine: “What do you not like in your appearance?”It is like it is not clear that I am not Brad Pitt.

And you would like to have external data of Brad Pitt?

Yes, I’m nothing. I have average growth, paper and white skin, five kilos of freckles-all the ways have opened in front of me! No, true. I am not a hostage of my data, I can be who needs. That is, I want to say that I looked good with the tail and on the hooves – in the “Chronicles of Narnia”. Agree, Brad Pitt in this role would take the film far towards the grotesque.

I probably was 23–24, I starred in “… and in my soul I dance”. And then I understood something to myself-it’s good that it’s pretty early. It was a film about the inhabitants of the house for people with disabilities who are not able to move on their own. I played an amazing, full life of a guy with a diagnosis of Duchenne’s muscle dystrophy, this is muscle atrophy leading to almost complete paralysis.

To play this role, it was not enough for me to learn the plastic suffering from this disease, that is, complete immobility. I talked a lot with people with this diagnosis. And found out that they prefer to remain unnoticed. Because they are afraid of pity.

Then I suddenly felt that this position is somehow very close to me. I have nothing to feel sorry for me, that’s not the point. But I like to be ordinary and in this sense inconspicuous. Seventy meter. I do not sunbathe. Gray hair. The average European.

It is not clear how with such an opinion about yourself you have become an actor and a star.

Firstly, I did not seek to either. And secondly, in my youth I was much more ordinary than I needed to life. I was 15, and I wanted something more than being a normal guy from a normal school in a normal area of Glasgow. I was not an excellent student and did not get a note of the inspection for minors, I did not particularly like the girls, but I was not refused when I invited someone to dance. I wanted to be at least something special.

And then a rock band arose at school. And it turned out that you can be somewhat different, different, and such people suddenly surrounded me. I stopped being afraid to differ. I left the security circle, where everyone was like everyone else. And then the literature teacher invited to our school


, her neighbor, actor and director David Hayman – to tell about the cinema and theater. And Hayman played Lady Macbeth in a production with the completely male acting composition Theatre in our Glasgow.

It was a famous performance! And guys from our school … In general, the meeting was not very positive. And I decided to thank Hayman – so that he did not think that he had time to spend time on us. Although, perhaps, before, to the rock band, I would not have decided-this is the act “not like everyone else”.

And what happened next?

And the fact that Hayman remembered me, oddly enough. And when, after three months, he was preparing to rent a “neighboring room”, he invited me to play a small role. But I did not think to become an actor. I studied well and got a place at the Faculty of English at the University. I did not go there, but entered the Naval Academy.

But an invitation came from the Scottish Royal Academy of Music and Theater, and I did not become a naval officer. So everything is quite common. I am a person of quite ordinary actions, everything is exceptional to me exclusively on the screen.

Still, you committed at least two unusual acts outside the profession. They married a woman almost 10 years older than you and divorced after ten years with a cloudless marriage ..

Yes, Ann-Mary, my ex-wife, older than me. But you will not believe it, it never had at least any meaning. We met on the set of “shameless”, we had a common thing, one profession, common interests and indivisible life. You see? I can’t even say that we had a novel at first, and then we connected.

It was all at once – love, and we are together. That is, it was immediately clear that now we were together. No premarital courtship, no special romantic polites. We were immediately together. Well, what didn’t matter is age.

But, as far as I know, you grew up without a father … There is such an opinion, perhaps the philistine that boys who grew up in single -parent families are inclined to look for parental attention from those older than them ..

Yes, I’m generally a good object for psychoanalysis! And you know, I calmly look at these things. We are all suitable for some analysis … I was 7 when my parents divorced. My sister and I moved to live with grandfather with my grandmother. Grandpa was a butcher. But my mother lived with us, then no – we were born when she was still very young, she needed to study, work. She became a psychiatric nurse.

We lived with my grandparents. They never lied to us. They didn’t say, for example: you can become who you want. This is not true, I do not want to sow false hopes in my child. But they said: we must try to become what you want, or at least become someone. They were realistic. I got a practical, illusory upbringing.

In one tabloid, an interview with my father was published, whom I, in general, did not know. He said that I would be happy to meet me

Until 16, he lived according to strict rules approved by grandmother. But at 16, I suddenly noticed that I could do everything I want, and my grandmother, escorting me to a party, reminded me that I had to go after beer. Grandmother and grandfather waited for the moment when they could trust me when I was able to make my own decisions and bear responsibility for them … At 16, this was an amazing adventure – my own decisions. And as a result, I am actually quite practical.

I know who I am, where am I from … When I got the first award of the British Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (BAFTA), an interview with my father, whom I, in general, did not know, did not know in one tabloid. He said that I would be happy to meet me.

This surprised me: why is it to him? I definitely do not need – I have no questions for the past, it has nothing unclear, I do not need to look for any answers. I know what made me, who I am, and look at things from a practical point of view. Life turned out so that we are practically not familiar. Well, there is nothing to turn the old.

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