If you painfully want to have a bite and thoughts about food do not give rest, use simple tricks, the effectiveness of which, by the way, is confirmed by serious research.

1.Play Tetris or a similar game

Three minutes of the game in Tetris reduce the craving for food, alcohol and cigarettes 1 .

2.Turn on the imagination

Try to imagine, for example, a rainbow. Or remember some exotic smell. Or just look at the image in the form of a chaotic set of points, like that appears on the screen of a TV disconnected from the antenna. It will immediately become easier for you 2 .

3.View many pictures with food

Unexpected, but effective way. The study shows that after that there is, oddly enough, it will want less. The only nuance: there should be a lot of pictures, a couple of images will only light appetite 3 .

4.Go a walk

As studies show, even a 15-minute walk can drown out the desire to devastate the refrigerator 4 .

5.More proteins for breakfast

Blood -rich breakfast increases the level of dopamine in the brain, which in turn reduces the need for sweet and fatty foods for the whole day. If you miss breakfast or it will not be nutritious enough, this craving, on the contrary, will intensify 5 .

6.Be sure to get enough sleep

If a person wants to sleep, it is more difficult for him to resist temptations. The fact is that in a half -out state, the activity of brain parts responsible for complex judgments and solutions is reduced. The activity of more ancient and primitive areas associated with motivation and desires increases 6 .

7.Listen to yourself7

To resist the obsessive desire to have a bite, it is important to

Bien sûr, il y a des filles qui peuvent faire la grue eux-mêmes, plier le placard ou réparer la bouilloire. Mais si vous ne savez pas comment faire cela, veuillez acheter cialis en ligne un homme. Vrai, seulement sous la condition qu’il comprenne des problèmes spécifiques. Sinon, il y a un risque pour abaisser son estime de soi et même provoquer une querelle. Si vous savez que le gars ne comprend pas, disons, dans la réparation de l’électronique, il est préférable d’appeler l’assistant.

be in Lada with your experiences. If we learn to understand our own feelings and with their help to make decisions, we will not only begin to eat right, but in general we will become happier, because we will improve relations with others and begin to pay more attention to a healthy lifestyle 7 .

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